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The legal industry in the Nordics is fragmented and hyper -local. Tech providers are changing how legal, governance, risk, and compliance services are delivered. 

We connect this innovation ecosystem, providing you both knowledge and access to the people behind it.

Winter Stockholm

Get an overview of the ecosystem – and access to the people and the companies creating the future!

We’re gathering all sorts of fascinating information into one place, so you can find, analyze, and learn from what is happening up here – and connect with the people making it happen.

Oslo Legal Tech Meetup by Lawbotics and Quesnay

 The Nordics

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden

Broad tech focus

Legal, governance, risk, compliance, regulatory, and more

All the players

Law firms, tech providers, corporate counsel, academia, interest organizations, grassroots, and more

Merete Nygaard, Lawbotics, at Oslo Legal Tech Meetup. Photo by Quesnay

Why us?

Because we represent a broad coalition of stakeholders. We’re tech startup ecosystem people who are used to making sense of markets and environments in flux.

We also have plenty of experience dealing both with people who say tomorrow will never come and the people who are impatient to make it happen right now.


We gather Legal Tech events in the Nordics. Check out our event calendar!

Nordic Tech

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DI - Confederation of Danish Industy



We represent the diversity of the the legal tech community: lawyers, entrepreneurs, startup ecosystem people, researchers, investors, and more. Together, we’re bringing the Nordic legal tech community to you.

Peder Nedergaard
Board Chairman, investor, entrepreneur
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Serial entrepreneur, Board Member
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