There is so much going on in Legal Tech in the Nordics – but most people don’t know about it. That’s why we created an overview of tech providers based in the Nordics.

We are also growing a database of Nordic tech providers, law firms, accounting firms, associations, and ecosystem enablers. This is the first version and will be constantly updated, so don’t panic if you’re missing. Please get in touch so we can add you!


  • Marketplace: connects consumers and lawyers, fixed-price legal services and legal advice
  • Document Automation: storing & organizing of legal documents, automatic contract drafting for individuals and businesses, online identity verification
  • Practice Management: back-office services, e.g. billing, task management, project management, client management tools
  • Legal research
  • Legal education: Online courses etc
  • Online Dispute Resolution: virtual courts, mostly for resolving small consumer claims, e.g. flight delay compensation claims,
  • E-Discovery: collecting and processing information from litigation documents
  • Analytics
  • Compliance: GDPR, privacy, etc.

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