Legal Tech Firetalk – by Nordic Legal Tech and Proceedy


Is it possible to make standards in the legal business? In this firetalk we will together with Proceedy address the following questions: Is it possible to make standards in the legal business? Why is it difficult to make IT standards in our business? Why is it that different law firms make their own standards on

Oslo – Legal Tech Meetup # 18: Demo & Drinks vol. III

Vi gjentar vårt populære event Demo & Drinks - nå for tredje gang! Vi inviterer vi startups innen legaltech for å komme å pitche selskapet deres fra scenen - enten om dere er på kapitaljakt, kundejakt eller rekrutteringsjakt. Kriteriene er at du må være innen legal tech kategorien & yngre enn 3 år. Fyll ut

Legal Tech Firetalk – by Nordic Legal Tech and Legal-Pythia


Legal-Pythia is an information technology solutions provider. Specializing in artificial intelligence, we organize, categorize and search data for duplication and contradictions for governmental and commercial entities including legal and financial institutions. The topic for this "Firetalk" will be: "Explainable Artificial Intelligence and its Effects on the Legal Industry"  If you would like to join the

Legal Tech Firetalk – by Nordic Legal Tech and ClauseBase


ClauseBase is run by three former lawyers and in-house legal counsels with years of experience in drafting legal documents. In their previous lives, they were repeatedly confronted with the expensive, repetitive, and time-consuming nature of drafting contracts and they were not happy with existing solutions. In 2018, they launched ClauseBase, a paradigm shift in contract

Legal Tech Firetalk – The 2023 Legal Tech Trends

Teams / online

The 2023 Legal Tech Trends and how they relate to the forces at play in the legal industry. At Henchman, we have asked 8 legal experts (think: Chief Digital Officers, Innovation Managers or Partners at law firms) about their opinion on the trends for legal tech in 2023. For example, in the 2023 Legal Tech


St Paul's, 200 Aldersgate St, Barbican, London EC1A 4HD, UK London, United Kingdom

FLW UK is a unique event that focuses on innovative advancements in the legal industry whilst uniting all those from the in-house, private practice and litigation sectors and is designed to facilitate dialogue between these different areas of law. Along with 3 days of networking opportunities, workshops, presentations and a hackathon that are delivered by

British Legal Technology Forum 2023 – London

1 Old Billingsgate Walk, London, EC3R 6DX London, United Kingdom

Europe’s leading legal IT event, The British Legal Technology Forum returns to London on Wednesday, 10th May 2023. Following on from the sold-out success of the past events, ‘The British Legal Technology Forum 2023’ is expected to reach full capacity weeks in advance. The event will offer delegates 5 presentation stages and access to over


Wanha Satama Pikkusatamakatu 3-5, 00160, Helsinki, Finland

It is time again to celebrate the Nordic Spirit of Partnership, Collaboration and Growth! Don't miss out on this 30-hour insightful and communal journey. Our tracks based on the building blocks of the world's most efficient region together with powerful face-to-face networking opportunities ensure the most valuable event experience around the next chapter in banking