Welcome Synch!

Synch signs as Nordic Legal Tech’s first Nordic corporate member

We are very pleased to announce that Synch has joined Nordic Legal Tech as corporate member – it’s great having a member who is present across the Nordic countries to grow and nurture our ecosystem.

Synch is a Nordic law firm with innovation and technology at its heart. “Our collaboration with Nordic Legal Tech Hub is an obvious match. We have a strong focus on legal tech. With our offices in Nordic offices and we offer established relations with strong stakeholders within legal tech”, says Michael Brandt.

We look forward to working together with Synch!

Read the press release here and an article by AdvokatWatch here.

Do lawyers need to learn to code?

Published by LegalTechWeekly

There is a new class of lawyer in town – one that is just as comfortable with code as appearing in court. They are being called the “techno-legals” by some, “lawyer-coders” or “lawyer-developers” by others. Whatever the title, their dual set of skills are becoming increasingly valuable in a digital driven world. Some in the legal profession even believe that the new literacy of coding is now a requirement of lawyers.

Certainly, this is the view of Australian firm, Gilbert + Tobin, who embarked on a new initiative in 2016 to teach its lawyers to code. While an advanced ability to code may not be necessary for lawyers, said Petra Stirling, former head of Legal Capability and Transformation at the firm, at least a proper understanding of the basics is essential. 

This week in Legal Tech Weekly we explore this new imperative in the legal profession with a Swedish lawyer-developer and a Danish lawyer with a good understanding of coding. While there is no doubt that coding has become an essential component of some lawyer’s toolkit the big question remains: do all lawyers need to learn to code? 

Read the full article here.

New Nordic Legal Tech Hub

We’re happy to be featured in LegalTechWeekly, who give an introduction to Nordic Legal Tech and key founding partners.

This initiative has been well received in the legal industry and the hub has already formed an important partnership with the Danish law firm Bech-Bruun. “It is a great addon in our approach to get more structure on our work with legal tech. The hub can map out and engage with the market in an unbiased way and thereby have the ability to create a bigger platform for the market in general. We would like to collaborate more closely with the legal tech startups, and we believe that our collaboration with Nordic Legal Tech Hub can help us getting closer to the market and introduce us to startups and peers when we need sparring and to discuss new ideas,” explains Head of Legal Tech Innovation in Bech-Bruun, Torsten Torpe. 

Read the full article here.