TechTorget – hybrid event

The Norwegian legal tech event TechTorget will be organized for the third time on April 27th. After a live event in 2019, a digital event in 2021, TechTorget will now be a hybrid event. TechTorget which is organized in collaboration with the Norwegian Bar Association is the Norwegian arena where lawyers stay informed about modern IT solutions relevant for the legal market. Opened by the state secretary, with two panels discussing client – lawyer collaboration and court – laywer collaboration via digitalization, and with a start-up pitch for new technolgies TechTorget offeres a lot of exciting legal tech within a 4 hour timespan. Sign up for the event via or send email to

Legal Tech

Download og læs annoncetillægget om Nordic Legal Tech, Berlingske februar 2022.

Legal Tech, annoncetillæg Berlingske februar 2022

Karnovs Nytænkerpris

Miriam Michaelsen vinder Karnovs Nytænkerpris   

Miriam Michaelsen vinder prisen for sit arbejde med at skabe retspraksis på området for digitale krænkelser og hævnporno. Som advokat har hun repræsenteret pigen i Umbrella-sagskomplekset, og arbejdet mod digitale krænkelser har desuden udmøntet sig i stiftelsen af paraplyorganisationen Digitalt Ansvar, der på få år har indtaget en vigtig rolle i arbejdet for at komme digitale krænkelser til livs.

Med prisen hylder Karnov i samarbejde med tænketanken Justitia de idéer, initiativer og løsninger, der på nye måder gør vejen til juridisk indsigt enklere, forbedrer vores retssamfund og/eller effektiviserer den juridiske sektor.

Legal Innovators

Welcome to Legal Innovators, a two-day interactive conference featuring high-level discussions and demonstrations on technology, innovation, and the law’s business. Bringing together the industry’s leading law firms, in-house legal teams, legal services businesses, and legal operations professionals.

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TechBBQ is curating an incredible program across 4 different stages, each tailored to provide top-notch content from the brightest minds in the game.

Listen to intimate fireside chats at our Campfire Stage, get a first look at the unicorns of tomorrow at our BBQ Stage, hear from bold entrepreneurs at our Forest Stage, and take a deep dive into tomorrow’s breakthroughs at the Tech Stage.

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Nordic Legal Tech Day

Nordic Legal Tech Day is a day full of interactions and knowledge sharing about the world of legal tech tools and the future role of legal departments and lawyers. This is a full-day event where you get to network with thought leaders, entrepreneurs and legal techies that are ready to transform the legal industry and the work life of lawyers.

In 2020, the Nordic countries joined forces in creating the next edition of Nordic Legal Tech Day. With four separate events in four cities (Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, and Oslo) the future Nordic Legal Tech Day events will be bigger and better than ever.

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TechTorget – Virtual event , March 11, 2021

For the second year TechTorget was brought together by Peter van Dam, Chief Digital Officer at Simonsen Vogt Wiig, and Erik Ødegaard, with the full support and collaboration of the Norwegian Bar Association. This year as a 100% virtual event.

The platform from where the event was held, gave the participants the opportunity to network and chat with other participants and all the exhibitors as well as listen to speakers consisting of well-known lawyers and several parallel sessions on 7 topics: Document Management, Document Analysis, Case Administration, Modern Accounting, Legal Information, Compliance and Security.

The event is designed to help those in the legal sector stay up to date with IT in general, and what legal-focused digital solutions are available in the marketplace.

As a participant the experience was very pleasant and with a lot of relevant and interesting topics. We are looking forward to next years event, hybrid, virtual or physical.

TechTorget is the arena where lawyers can find out and stay up to date on modern IT solutions that are relevant to the legal sector. This is where you meet several of the providers of these products and services.

A Global Cybersecurity Pact: It’s Necessary. But is it Possible?

This month’s University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law’s Tech&Law Breakfast talk was given by Vigjilenca Abazi, Assistant Professor of European Law at Maastricht University. The topic: A global cybersecurity pact.

The key takeaways: We clearly need a pact, pronto, but it ain’t going to happen right now. We might’ve seen some positive movements, such as the 2018 Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace. But we’re going to have to overcome a number of stumbling blocks first. Not least, getting the USA, Russia and China to the table. Filling the void is the private sector. Where states are unwilling to reach an agreement, companies are looking to develop a Digital Geneva Convention. But really? Do we trust companies to regulate themselves?

A global pact may be just too ambitious at this moment. So in the meantime, we must continue to work at regional and national levels to increase cyber awareness and cyber efforts.

Photo of Vigjilenca Abazi, Assistant Professor of European Law at Maastricht University talking at University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law's Tech&Law Breakfast

TechTorget, Oslo

This month saw the inaugural launch of TechTorget in Oslo. The event was brought together by Peter van Dam, Chief Digital Officer at Simonsen Vogt Wiig, and Erik Ødegaard, with the full support and collaboration of the Norwegian Bar Association. 

The event aims to provide the legal sector with an overview of legal tech solutions that are proven and available to legal practitioners to implement right now.

“We saw the legal sector and vendors using enormous amounts of time to meet each other. So we created a sort of marketplace for them.”  

Photo of TechTorget event in Oslo
TechTorget’s inaugural event in Oslo

Spending just 2-3 hours at the event, says van Dam, can help lawyers to stay informed on the many vendors they would otherwise be unaware of in the market who are providing some great solutions.  

What’s more, the event makes future legal tech concrete. It can really demonstrate how, through small steps and investing in real solutions, the legal industry has nothing to fear as it prepares for that future. 

Nordic Legal Tech Welcomes a New Founding Member

We’re very excited to announce we have another Founding member – Danish law firm, Schultz Legal.

Photo of Schultz Legal logo

We decided to join NLT as a founding member because it enables us to continuously strengthen our position in the market for legal information and legal tech. We also believe that we are able to contribute with knowledge to the industry, and hopefully help some of the start-ups to move forward with their businesses. 
“Schultz Legal strives to accomplish interoperability and an open platform in order to connect content providers and tech providers. We believe that a partnership with Nordic Legal Tech will enable us to go into dialogue with some of the upcoming legal tech providers – which will enable joint enforcement. This partnership also allows Schultz to gain first-hand insights to the legal information and tech market – which hopefully will help us enrich our platform.”

Schultz Director of Knowledge and Content, Eskil Thygesen

We’re looking forward to a great collaboration in the future.