Nordic legal tech trends 2019

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Things are going well in legal tech. According to this 2018 legal tech trends report, as of November 2018, 899 legal tech companies existed worldwide. That is an increase of 32% compared to 2017. Investments are also increasing to stand at almost 700 million US dollars, while the technologies have become more refined. It is even possible to trace a veritable breakthrough in the press’s attention to subject these days. The fact that this major breakthrough came in the year of the big tech-lash and the year where GDPR put privacy op top of the agenda proves that the development is both strong and lasting. The question is, what comes now? 

There is no shortage of futuristic scenarios and more or less speculative revelations about the destiny of the legal profession. And while some of these crystal ball epiphanies becomes a bit tedious, our Danish short-term predictions of the Legal Tech Trends in 2019 were such a success that we have decided to make an updated Nordic version in English. 

We have gathered some of the key players in the digital transformation of the legal industry from Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark to get a more complete perspective on Nordic legal tech. All contributors have answered the simple and yet urgent question:

What will be the biggest legal tech trends in 2019?

You can read their answers in the complete article here.

Bech-Bruun signs as Nordic Legal Tech’s first corporate member

We are very pleased to announce our first corporate member, the Danish law firm Bech-Bruun. A new initiative like this needs strong partners and support early on if it is to succeed. The first movers are critical to helping us get off the ground.

Bech-Bruun has an innovative partnership model and are actively engaging with the legal tech ecosystem, so we are very happy that they want to collaborate. Active members play a key role in creating the value of an organization like the Nordic Legal Tech Hub and give us insights into the needs of the industry.

We look forward to working together with Bech-Bruun, as we support the development and implementation of legal and governance, risk management, and compliance tech across the Nordics. This is going to be a lot of fun.

Read their press release here (in Danish)

“Bech-Bruun Enters Partnership with Nordic Legal Tech Hub”

”Is the Legal Industry Approaching it’s Kodak Moment?” – Oslo Legal Tech Meetup

”Is the Legal Industry Approaching it’s Kodak Moment?”
The timely title is especially appropriate for those of us who grew up with cameras that used film. The Kodak Moment in question is not the perfect snapshot that Kodak once made possible, but rather the company’s failure to see the potential of a technology they had invented. That failure put them out of business. (read more here)

The eighth Oslo Legal Tech Meetup was arranged by Lexolve by Lawbotics together with Quesnay. Superbly moderated by Ingunn Solheim, the debate featured good insight and analysis from a panel consisting of Anne Dingstad Vabø, Cathrine Moestue, Thomas Reppe Wetting, and Karl-Axel Bauer, with an introduction from Marius Koestler on what the Kodak Moment actually was and why it is relevant.

Around 150 participants were at Gyldendal House and more joined the live stream. The answer to the debate’s question: about half of the audience answered yes, we will see big changes in the next five years.

The whole debate can be seen here.

Thank you Gyldendal Norsk Forlag (Ed: one of the largest Norwegian publishing houses ) and JUS – Juristenes Utdanningssenter (Center for Continuing Legal Education )- for sponsoring the event!

Photo credit: Quesnay