Nordic Legal Tech Welcomes a New Founding Member

We’re very excited to announce we have another Founding member – Danish law firm, Schultz Legal.

Photo of Schultz Legal logo

We decided to join NLT as a founding member because it enables us to continuously strengthen our position in the market for legal information and legal tech. We also believe that we are able to contribute with knowledge to the industry, and hopefully help some of the start-ups to move forward with their businesses. 
“Schultz Legal strives to accomplish interoperability and an open platform in order to connect content providers and tech providers. We believe that a partnership with Nordic Legal Tech will enable us to go into dialogue with some of the upcoming legal tech providers – which will enable joint enforcement. This partnership also allows Schultz to gain first-hand insights to the legal information and tech market – which hopefully will help us enrich our platform.”

Schultz Director of Knowledge and Content, Eskil Thygesen

We’re looking forward to a great collaboration in the future.

Nordic Legal Tech Gains a New Corporate Member

We’re delighted to announce that the GDPR and privacy compliance tool, Sixtus Compliance, has become a Corporate member of Nordic Legal Tech. Thank you Sixtus. We’re really enjoying working with you and anticipate great things for the future.

“We decided to become a Corporate member because legal tech is a new technology area where we didn’t feel that other organisations could provide us with a sense of belonging and a dedicated network. We expect to have some great discussions with our peers within the legal tech space, develop ideas and help push the envelope for what we can do for the legal and regulative community.”

Sixtus CEO, Bo Pyskow

QV Forum 2019

Nordic Legal Tech telling it like it is!

The 10th and final QV Forum was held in Stockholm this year. Its central theme was Law 2.0 – an exploration of the potential disruption of the legal market. 

Nordic Legal Tech was there, with a provocative presentation, “Software Is Eating the World”. CEO Nicholas Hawtin warned:

“The next generation of solution builders are focused on users and their problems. The solutions they are building are built on solving the user’s problems as intuitively and simply as possible. They are focused on the task the user is trying to perform, not on the legal issue related to that task. The resulting solutions integrate seamlessly and are often invisible.

“This may sound straightforward, but it is very hard to do – and it is not something law firms do well. Their processes do not support it. Their business model directly hinders it. Eventually, their inability to master it will cost them lots of jobs and massive revenue. And ‘eventually’ is coming faster than many of them understand.”

“Software is Eating the World.”

London Calling – LegalGeek 2019

Nordic Legal Tech couldn’t make LegalGeek London this year but we have one of our trusty members reporting on this increasingly important event. Torsten Torpe, head of Legal Tech Innovation at Bech-Bruun, gives us a run down of Bech-Bruun’s presentation at the conference and some comments on the gig generally.

Photo of Torsten Torpe speaking at LegalGeek London 2019
Torsten Torpe speaking at LegalGeek 2019, London

Discussing best practice for AI adoption at LegalGeek

At this year’s LegalGeek conference, we were invited by Luminance (an AI software provider) to talk about how you actually get started using Artificial Intelligence. Being among the early adopting law firms of AI, we were asked to share our experience and pinpoint the dos and don’ts. 

Although vendors and technologists often tend to claim the opposite, getting started with AI and technology in general isn’t easy. Our vast experience shows that it requires a strong buy-in from the top management. A point that is as surprising as it is constructive. We discussed what strong management buy-in means in Bech-Bruun and how we have succeeded in establishing a legal tech innovation unit with direct report to the top management.

Blockchain As a Tool for Corporate Governance

Dr Alexandra Andhov gave a presentation on ‘Blockchain As a Tool for Corporate Governance’ at October’s Tech&Law Breakfast, hosted by the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law. 

Dr Andhov has been working on a research project that addresses technology and trust in capital markets. Although skeptical at first about blockchain and all the noise around cryptocurrencies, Dr Andhow has devoted a lot of time in trying to understand this phenomenon and see its implications not only for capital markets, but also for companies and their corporate governance.

After the presentation, we caught up with Dr Andhov to dive a little deeper into this hot topic.