Blockchain As a Tool for Corporate Governance

Dr Alexandra Andhov gave a presentation on ‘Blockchain As a Tool for Corporate Governance’ at October’s Tech&Law Breakfast, hosted by the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law. 

Dr Andhov has been working on a research project that addresses technology and trust in capital markets. Although skeptical at first about blockchain and all the noise around cryptocurrencies, Dr Andhow has devoted a lot of time in trying to understand this phenomenon and see its implications not only for capital markets, but also for companies and their corporate governance.

After the presentation, we caught up with Dr Andhov to dive a little deeper into this hot topic.

CPH – Cybersikkerhed i den finansielle sektor – by Insight Events

Som følge af den øgede IT-afhængighed og samfundsmæssige og teknologiske udvikling bliver IT-sikkerhed en stadigt stigende del af forretningen. Den danske finansielle sektor står over for en stor udfordring i forhold til truslerne fra cyberkriminalitet.

På konferencen Cybersikkerhed i den finansielle sektor vil vi fokusere på, hvordan den enkelte finansielle virksomhed sikrer sig bedst muligt mod angreb, lever op til de nyeste regler, forbereder sig til Finanstilsynets tilsyn og ikke mindst minimerer skaderne under og efter et succesfuldt angreb.

Emner på konferencen:

  • Cybertruslen mod finanssektoren
  • Finanstilsynets gennemgang af et tilsyn
  • IT-sikkerhed som business case
  • Tværgående samarbejde om cybersikkerhed
  • FSOR – Red Team-testprogram
  • Social Engineering og medarbejder awareness
  • Insidertruslen
  • Cyberkriminalitet – hvad kan vi forvente de næste par år?
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technologies
  • Detektering af anomalier
  • Phishing-mail – udnyttelsen af den menneskelige nysgerrighed
  • Tab af kundedata og tillid
  • Dokumenteret IT-sikkerhed og risikostyring
  • IT-sikkerhedsstyring, rapportering og ledelsesopfølgning

CPH – Blockchain i det offentlige – by Djøf

Bliv skarp på næste generation af digitalisering i den offentlige administration.

Hvem henvender kurset sig til?

Du er en tech-interesseret offentlig ansat, der ønsker at forstå blockchain. Måske udvikler du digitale strategier og løsninger i dit job for en styrelse, i et ministerie eller anden type offentlig virksomhed.

Du er nysgerrig på, om blockchain kan drive innovation eller mere effektive arbejdsgange inden for dit ressortområde.

Du har behov for skarpe svar på, hvor moden teknologien er, og hvilke særlige udfordringer, der kan være ved at bruge teknologien i offentligt regi.

På kurset får du:

  • indsigt i teknologiens vigtigste koncepter
  • briefing på, hvor moden teknologien er i dag
  • sat ord på, hvordan blockchain adskiller sig fra en traditionel database
  • indsigt i de juridiske udfordringer, der knytter sig til blockchain i offentlig regi
  • forståelse for alternativerne til en blockchainløsning
  • sparring og feedback på idéer, hvor du tænker, blockchain potentielt er relevant
  • et rammeværk for at afsøge potentialet for blockchain i din egen organisation.

Kursets indhold

’Blockchain i det offentlige’ lærer dig om blockchain på en relevant, konkret og hands-on måde, og du får en god forståelse for anvendelsesmulighederne i en offentlig digital kontekst.

På kurset lærer du at sætte ord på, hvad blockchain er, hvad det ikke er, hvordan det relaterer sig til en traditionel database, og hvornår det giver mening at tage i brug.

Du får den nødvendige ballast til at kunne identificere, om blockchain kan være relevant i en given administrativ eller politisk problemstilling, og du får indsigt til at forstå teknologiens konkrete juridiske og tekniske udfordringer.

CPH – European Blockchain Convention

Building the Foundation of Blockchain and the Digital Economy.

The European Blockchain Convention Nordic Edition is a comprehensive one-day conference that brings together 500+ industry leaders, regulators, politicians, investors, developers, CTOs, lawyers and entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to provide relevant and inspiring content in collaboration with the brightest experts from the global Blockchain scene, while also facilitating an exclusive networking environment where all participants meet to form business relationships and seek potential partners for ventures.

We go beyond Cryptocurrencies. We focus on real life applications of blockchain and DLT in energy, finance, supply chain, government, insurance, healthcare and mobility.

CPH – 5th IBA Global Entrepreneurship Conference: The Nordic Model – Rising up to the Global Challenge – by the International Bar Association

The Nordic Region is known for the so-called Nordic model (or Nordic capitalism), in which comprehensive welfare states and progressive societies go hand in hand with free market and trade, and provide for a high standard of living. The Nordics also are renown for housing leading players in numerous business areas, such as food, high tech, medical / life sciences, design and oil. Last not least, the region stands as a model for sustainable development and
for work-life balance.

To facilitate continued innovation and growth of start-ups Nordic governments strive to support entrepreneurship. EU’s Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) 2018 ( has Denmark as the front runner followed by Sweden and Finland. Headed by Denmark the Nordic countries form the most digital region in the EU. Copenhagen is, thus, the perfect venue to explore how digitalisation already has disrupted and will further affect various business sectors – and for asking what role the human factor will have in the post-digitalised business world and society.

As in the past, the Conference will combine lively panel discussions lead by entrepreneurs and industry speakers with interactive workshops on practice areas of general interest.

Topics will include:

  • Data protection and data security / hacking
  • AI / Machine
  • Blockchain technology / crypto currencies
  • Trends and innovation in the M&A process and in the funding of SME’s
  • Governance and structural issues for innovative and fast growing closely held companies
  • How disruption and AI will improve the life of lawyers.

The legendary ‘Closely Held’ spirit and social events will provide, once again, for an unforgettable networking experience.

CPH – WonderTech Summit 2019

Showcase the game-changing work of women in the IT field that innovate, disrupt and focus on solving problems for people, businesses, and the planet.

WonderTech Summit is the first event of its kind in Denmark. It brings together leaders, engineers, entrepreneurs, students and other enthusiasts from different backgrounds to celebrate the achievements of women in the industry and inspire diversity in tech. We will showcase the game-changing work of women in the IT field that innovate, disrupt and focus on solving problems for people, businesses, and the planet.


Our mission is to inspire, educate and support women in pursuing careers in technology. We want to feature role models and provide mentorship support. We strive to create a safe environment, where everyone feels like they can fit in. Become part of a community of like minded people, interactive workshops and educational seminars.

Topics include among others:

  • Machine Learning and its wealth of applications
  • Cyber Security Live Hacking
  • Data science in practice
  • CryptoWomen – How can an NGO make use of blockchain?
  • Tech Entrepreneurship panel
  • The future of Robotics


Lund – The Future of Law – by Tech Academy Lund

Tech Academy is a unique two-day program and the first of its kind at Lund University. It is tailored to law students at the Law Faculty at Lund University attending master courses (minimum T5) interested in innovative and emerging technologies such as Artificial intelligence, Blockchain and Smart contracts.

You will be introduced to a framework and strategies for solving some of the legal issues that arise when new technology is implemented within different industries when put into practical business use.

Tech Academy aims to provide law students with a fresh perspective on how to think differently about the world of tech law and in embracing the challenges that comes with the future of digitalization. If you are a student at the Law Faculty and have finished your fourth semester, you have the opportunity to participate in this program which will be hosted between 9-10 May 2019.

The program is offered by the Law Faculty at Lund University, the Law Students association (Juridiska Föreningen Lund) and Julian Nowag, Director of the European Business Law Master Program.


To apply for this two day event please submit cv and a personal letter. To be eligible, you must have finished at least T5 or attend any of the masters program at the faculty of Law. The personal letter should motivate why you would like to take part in this event (300 words max).

The application is sent to before April 1, 2019. Please note that seminars are mandatory and if you are given a spot to the academy it is expected to attend all events.

GOT – Gothenburg Tech Week 2019

Welcome to Gothenburg Tech Week!

Do you want to know more about the Gothenburg startup and tech community?
Do you want to work or invest in a startup?
Or do you want to learn more about the latest tech trends?

Then #gbgtechweek is for you!

#gbgtechweek strives to make Gothenburg one of the best tech communities in the world! During one week, several diverse and inspiring events, covering the full range from tech to business, is hosted in Gothenburg.

STHLM – CL+B Fest – by Stockholm Legal Hackers

Welcome to Stockholm Legal Hackers Computational Law and Blockchain Fest!

This is Legal Hackers annual event and will be held simultaneously throughout all of our chapters globally. Sign up for a full day of new knowledge, interesting discussion and new ideas on how blockchain can affect the legal field.

Whether you are an expert or your knowledge about blockchain is limited to Bitcoin you are welcomed to join, the doors are open to everyone!

Tentative Agenda:

10:00 – Welcome to CL+B Fest!
10:15 – Blockchain 101 workshop
12:30 – Light Lunch
13:30 – a Panel discussion on Blockchain
15:00 – Fika
16:00 – Q&A and further discussion
18:00 – Until next time!

Venue and refreshments are provided to us by Delphi, one of Swedens most prestigious law firms, who we are honoured to collaborate around the event with!
The Panel will consist of lawyers, CEO:s and other experts on Blockchain from the Stockholm area. Topics will include GDPR, smart contracts and, of course, the topics arising from your questions. This is the event to cast some light on Blockchain from a legal perspective!

Questions? Do not hesitate to reach out to us!

RSVP:s are mandatory for attendance so please update them accordingly.

We will see you the 16th!

Organizers, Stockholm Legal Hackers

STHLM – March RegTech Meetup in Stockholm – by Stockholm RegTech Meetup

It’s time for our next Meetup!

Following a great RegTech day at the Sthlm FinTech Week we will have a very interesting evening looking at RegTech and the underlying technologies that make it possible. Without AI, Blockchain, ML, NLP etc. RegTech would not be possible. But how are these technologies being used in RegTech products today and what will we see in the future?

We are fortunate enough to be hosted by EY this time and we will hear from Pehr Ambuhm, Partner at EY about their work in this field and we will have companies working with this today to tell their stories.

Doors will open at 17:00, presentations will kick off at 17:30 and around 18:30 we will have some snacks and drinks for our popular networking part. Doors will close at 20:30.