CPH – Monitoring and take-down of online trademark infringements made simple(r) – By Copenhagen Legal Hackers Meetup

Andreas Juchli (Thomsen Trampedach) will share insights into how brand protection and trademark enforcement processes have been automated through the software program Pliano.

He will describe the steps required to detect compliance issues and enforce trademark rights online to give the audience a basic understanding of the main processes usually undertaken by a brand protection analyst. He will then zoom into how Pliano is automating several of these processes and discuss the logic thereof.
Afterwards, he introduces current and past legal, technical and commercial struggles that are pending and offers a discussion on this with all of you.

Thomsen Trampedach is a Copenhagen and Zurich-based professional service provider in the realm of domain name management and online brand protection serving international brands worldwide.

Additional talks are very welcome and encouraged.