CPH – WonderTech Summit 2019

Showcase the game-changing work of women in the IT field that innovate, disrupt and focus on solving problems for people, businesses, and the planet.

WonderTech Summit is the first event of its kind in Denmark. It brings together leaders, engineers, entrepreneurs, students and other enthusiasts from different backgrounds to celebrate the achievements of women in the industry and inspire diversity in tech. We will showcase the game-changing work of women in the IT field that innovate, disrupt and focus on solving problems for people, businesses, and the planet.


Our mission is to inspire, educate and support women in pursuing careers in technology. We want to feature role models and provide mentorship support. We strive to create a safe environment, where everyone feels like they can fit in. Become part of a community of like minded people, interactive workshops and educational seminars.

Topics include among others:

  • Machine Learning and its wealth of applications
  • Cyber Security Live Hacking
  • Data science in practice
  • CryptoWomen – How can an NGO make use of blockchain?
  • Tech Entrepreneurship panel
  • The future of Robotics


GOT – Tech Trends of West Sweden – by Business Region Göteborg

The trends are ubiquitous and numerous, but influencing us all. AI, AR/VR, CyberSecurity & IOT are recently mapped. What is most relevant, what will be the next step? Is there anything we are missing in the puzzle?

Join Business Region at Universeum’s The Hub and listen to a deep dive in the current tech trends!

This event is part of Gothenburg Tech Week



CPH – AI Applied: How Companies And Governments Can Use AI – by DGP and Alexandra Institute

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a technology that has gained extreme popularity for its’ vast potential. At this seminar we will dive into how companies and governments utilize this technology. AI experts, companies, governmental departments and startups will let you in on how they use AI in their practice.

Who can attend?

The event is for corporations, government institutions, interest organizations, researchers, students and everyone else looking to be inspired on the use of AI, but also for the ones who are curious on the current limitations of the technology. The programme will cover a basic introduction to what AI is, how users and suppliers are using AI services, updates on regulation in Denmark and future perspectives on what AI can’t do… yet.

This seminar is a part of a series of events, where we explore how industry 4.0 technologies can be applied. Arranged by Digital Growth Path (DGP) from Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship and Alexandra Institute in collaboration with the Danish Industry Foundation. Keep an eye out for our next seminar in the series of Industry 4.0 technologies events, that will be about Blockchain and Cybersecurity.


Date: 7/2 2019

Location: PHRs20, Råvarebygningen, Porcelænshaven 22, 2000 Frederiksberg


10.00 Arrival
10.15 Welcome by Claus Birkedal, DGP, and Anders Kofod, Alexandra Institute

AI appplied: Supplier/User Cases, Legal and Technical Limitations

10.30 “About AI: Terminology, History and How to get started” by Anders Kofod, Deputy Director at Alexandra Institute
11.00 “Quality Optimization” by Tue Moerck, Managing Director of IH Foods
11.20 “Implementing an AI solution” by Mikael Munck, Founder & CEO of 2021.ai
11.40 “The hard-to-crack tasks. What CAN’T be done yet by AI” by Thomas Bolander, Associate Professor at DTU Compute

12.00 Lunch

12.30 “Fraud-detection” by Carsten Ingerslev, Office Manager of Danish Business Authority (Erhvervsstyrelsen)
12.50 “Water-leakage detection in Utilities” by Jeppe Johansen, Co-founder of Sense-Analytics
13.00 “Talent recruitment without bias” by Jenifer Clausell-Tormos, Founder of Develop Diverse
13.10 “AI in Customer Service” by Johan Walldius, Managing Director of IBM-Bluewolf

13.30 Break

13.40 “AI standardization and Data Ethics” by Kim Skov Hilding, Consultant at Dansk Standard
13.55  “Optimizing Logistics” by Klaus Kähler Holst, Principal Scientist at Maersk Transport & Logistics
14.10 Panel QA
14.30 Mingling

There’s a limited number of tickets for both professionals and students.