Legal Tech Firetalk with Draftme

Title: “Secrets of successful implementation of legal tech products by legal departments”

We are excited to invite you to our Nordic Legal Tech Firetalk, where we will be discussing the “Secrets of successful implementation of legal tech products by legal departments”. 

This event will be a great opportunity for legal professionals, technology experts, and business leaders to come together and share knowledge on this critical topic.

During the Firetalk, our panel of experts will be sharing insights on how to choose a vendor, secure executive buy-in, and calculate the return on investment (ROI) for legal tech products. You’ll hear real-life examples of successful implementation strategies and gain valuable knowledge on how to optimize your organization’s use of legal tech.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from industry experts and connect with other legal and technology professionals. 

Legal Innovators UK 4.0

Legal Innovators is for everyone who wants to learn, to share, and meet their peers. It’s for people just starting to explore this area, as well as for those who are already very experienced but want to know what is now ‘market standard’ in this rapidly changing field.

An example of some of the topics that will be explored on the day by our fantastic group of experts includes:

Disaggregating the Law – getting the right people and tech to do the right things.

Beyond Contract Management – using contract data to drive business insights.

Inhouse Economics – how legal spend pressure is changing working practices.

A New Collaboration Between Nordic Legal Tech Members

Dansk Advokater and Schultz Legal join forces

The business association for Danish law firms, Danske Advokater, and Danish law firm, Schultz Legal, have come together to provide a new platform for lawyers to access and search for legal information. The new product will compete with the only service currently on the market and offered by Karnov.

The partners expect to launch their product in September 2020 and are hoping the collaboration will ensure competition in the legal information search market.

Read the press release here (in Danish).