Speaking Out at Techfestival 2019

Techfestival was a hit!

Techfestival is a phenomenon. And we were there.

We held an event to gauge the views on whether technology can build trust. The topic obviously interests many, as the gig was one of the first to sell out and had to be moved to a larger venue.

Dr. Alexandra AndhovSarah Barslund Lauridsen and our CEO, Nicholas Hawtin, each gave brief presentations to introduce the subject, the format, and give a couple of perspectives on trust. Then the audience took over for 90 minutes of often intense debate. A fifteen-minute wrap up caught the main takeaways, while a big pile of post-its documented the work of the individual groups. We’ll be posting those on social media. (They make for good pictures.) 

Co-founder Dr Alexandra Andhov took time out at September’s Techfestival to chat with Charlie Tango. She touched on the issues of the day: whether we can trust companies, private or public, with our data and how do we regulate technology.

Dr Andhov also talked about the role of education in this discussion; how we need to train law students to deal with the digitalised world so they are able to communicate with tech providers with sufficient understanding of technology.

Check out the discussion here.

Dr Alexandra Andhov talking with Charlie Tango at Techfestival 2019

Director Nicholas Hawtin also stopped by Charlie Tango’s Techfestival studio to have a conversation. In this chat, he suggests that the Nordics are well placed to set the standard on how technology can provide solutions to the practice of law and legal compliance. Two factors unique to the Nordics – being the most digitalised place on earth and enjoying high levels of trust – make for great opportunities to deliver legal tech services. Let’s take advantage of it!  

Nicholas Hawtin talking with Charlie Tango at Techfestival 2019

We also got to talk to idea management platform, Ideanote, at Techfestival about the importance of making mistakes and innovation. If you’re in innovation, get ready to be wrong. Failure, when thoroughly examined, is a fantastic way to learn.

Nicholas Hawtin talking with idea management platform, Ideanote, at Techfestival 2019

It was a bumper event!

CPH – Can Technology Help Build Trust? – Nordic Legal Tech @ Techfestival

This year, Nordic Legal Tech is hosting a session at Techfestival!

Can Technology Help Build Trust?

Explore how technology can build trust just as well as it can undermine it. Meet speakers, experts, and solution creators to discuss how we can use technology for us instead of against us.

The Nordics are highly digitised and generally law-abiding. We trust our neighbours, our systems, our states, and most of our politicians. This gives us an exciting opportunity to set the standard for how technology can build trust between citizens, consumers, business, and government.

Technology providers have created hundreds of solutions that are digitising the law. Online dispute resolution providers are improving access to law. Compliance tools make it possible track and prove whether people and companies obey the law. Marketplaces are changing how we buy legal services. Document automation is changing what advice experts are providing and we are buying.

Together with the rest of what happens online, how and what we trust is changing. But what does it mean? Where do we want to go?

The time has come to turn the tide that has taken tech from its youthful utopianism to its current state of distrust. Join us to discuss the what, the why, and the how.


Stay tuned for updates!

Exact time and date to be announced.

HEL – MyData 2019 – by MyData Global

MyData 2019 conference is a place for accelerating global change towards a human-centric approach to personal data. On 25-27 September 2019, some 1000 experts from business, legal, tech and society sectors will gather for the fourth time in Helsinki, with the focus on how to effect the change we need.


In times of ever-increasing use and misuse of personal data, we need better and more human-centric ways of doing things with that data. We need more transparent, trustworthy and actionable solutions for a more sustainable and prosperous digital society.

Where it is held?

Organised in Wanha Satama in central Helsinki, the Conference provides 2+1 days of interactive sessions, networking opportunities and inspirations that shall contribute to rebuilding trust and creating more transparent and prosperous digital society.

MyData 2019 Conference is an associated event of Finland’s EU Presidency.

MALMÖ – Mind the Gaps

Digital tech should be developed in more responsible ways: more trust, less trickery; more happiness, less addiction. There is a gap, however, between this theoretical consensus and putting it in practice. We want to close this gap.


We believe in patterns & practices over products. We believe in implementable ideas that drive change over theory. You’ll, therefore, come out equipped with:

  1. rigorous frameworks for building responsible tech
  2. ways to pitch ethical approaches to your clients, bosses, and colleagues
  3. the ability to identify users’ values and build environments that support them

The first tools for digital ethics have emerged. At Mind the Gaps, you get to learn these tools. We will also discuss the solutions, how you experience them, and create a forum to help shape their evolution. Come join the exchange!

Each keynote will be focused on making ethical approach to design and product development applicable. There will be plenty of space for panels and discussions, too.

Find the full program at https://mindthegaps.io/#program

CPH – The Law, Tech, & Trust Conference – by University of Copenhagen and Nordic Legal Tech

Together with the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen, we’re ready for our first conference!

Technology has changed how we work, consume, and play. Now it is changing the law. It affects the legal and compliance industries worldwide, and while many of us are waiting to see where it goes, considerable change is already taking place.

Law, Technology and Trust will address many of the core challenges we face as lawyers, businesspeople, lawmakers, and citizens. This two-day international conference brings together renowned academics, legal tech entrepreneurs, lawyers, engineers, and policymakers to discuss these and other issues:

  • Predictive Analytics versus Integrity & Trust in Judiciary
  • Legal Education in Times of Technology: Experimentation & Innovation
  • Technology for & by Government
  • A Vision for the Future of Work
  • Innovative Business Models for Law Firms

See all speakers and the programme at https://www.copenhagentrust.org/


For Early Bird Registration sign up before 16 August: https://jura.nemtilmeld.dk/30/

Registration Deadline

Friday 6. September 2019 at 12:00


Academic and sponsorship related inquries, please contact Alexandra Andhov at Alexandra.andhov@jur.ku.dk